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Side Projects

Subscription Plan

A Subscription Plan interface made with SvelteKit Typescript and TailwindCSS


A Todo Web App made with NEXT.js Typescript, TailwindCSS and Zustand.


A Dictionary Web App made with NEXT.js Typescript, TailwindCSS, Zustand and Dictionary API.


A Lading page made Vite and SCSS.

4th Kind

A Web Project, utilizing Vite, TailwindCSS, and GSAP for seamless, immersive animations.

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João Ramos

Full-Stack Web Developer
Vancouver, British Columbia

Currently Front-End Developer @ The Beard Struggle . I am a former Digital Marketer Specialist that left paid ad campaigns behind for if's & else's in 2021 and got my Full-Stack Web Development diploma @ BrainStation in 2022.

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